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How much lip filler do I need?

The most commonly asked question and an answer from the experts!

Lip filler quantity relies very much on not only the decision of the practitioner, but also you as a patient and your lip presentation upon arrival in clinic. One size doesn’t fit all, and nor does one brand of filler. At Aestheticlinix, Wigan we have a variety of brands of dermal filler in stock, specifically designed for lip filler so that we can choose the best one for patients. It is extremely important to us that the products that we use, have the ability to preserve the natural characteristics of the lips. There’s nothing more unsightly than dermal filler that has migrated, looks lumpy and unnatural. At Aestheticlinix, Wigan we pride ourselves and our work to look as natural as possible. Our infamous slogan is “the best injectable is undetectable”, and we really aim for our work to reflect this. 

Patients sometimes will get fixated on the amounts of ml, and we completely understand that! It’s very much become the norm to “book in for Xml or ask our friends “how many mls did you have?”. But at Aestheticlinix we do our best to educate our patients, so that they understand why we recommend what we do. Our experience over the years has taught us how to conduct lip fillers in a natural way, and augment them to the best shape they can be. Having years of experience allows us to tailor the enhancement to be just as you, our patient requests.

We understand after reading the above, you will still be asking the question, so how much lip filler will I need then? But really it’s not how much filler you need … essentially it’s how much filler is needed in order for it to look good. And the answer to that really is patient dependant. Anatomy, initial presentation and desired outcome all come into play.

We firmly believe that lip filler is a delicate area and can easily look unsightly if you go overboard. We will only use the amount of filler that looks good in your lips … not because we have remaining Xml left in the syringe. We have a firm stance on this, and that’s because it’s in your best interest. But if you are still curious regarding the actual amount of dermal filler from a figure point of view because you need to book on our booking system for example …

The general rule of thumb we use in clinic is that if you are wanting just a “slight” enhancement to the volume of the lips, what we’d call a subtle change, with not much manipulation to the shape of your lips then 0.5ml should achieve your desired outcome. 

Anything between 0.6ml-0.8ml will help to achieve a plumper look, with enough left to manipulate any areas that need a slight more focus. With this amount you can generally achieve a lot more contour and definition to the lip border and the body with just the right amount of volume.

If we then look at the final amount, which is the most amount of filler we would give in one sitting would range from this would be for those patients who like a fuller lip look. Here we can achieve a beautiful shape to the lips, but also add volume to the body of the lip to really enhance that area and accentuate the lips. Although this amount may sound quite a lot – throughout our years of experience we have found this amount generally gives our patients the best results. This is value for your money, an ability for us as the medical practitioner to shape and contour your lips to your desired outcome without restricting ourselves and the amount we can put it.

We cannot emphasise enough that the “fake lip look” boils down to bad practice, bad practitioners with minimal anatomy knowledge and cheap / off licence products – NOT because a patient has had 1.0ml injected. It’s important that you have a consultation with your medical practitioner to ensure that you both are on the same page regarding the vision you want to achieve.

When you arrive to Aestheticlinix for any treatment, a consultation is always carried out prior to treatment so we can understand what it is that we want to achieve, and we can then draw up a suitable treatment plan. We will always work with you to give you not only the best, but the most natural result.

We hope this blog has been useful to you, to help you understand a little bit more regarding lip fillers and not to become to fixated on the amounts, but what it is that we are trying to achieve and why. We welcome you to clinic for a no obligation consultation where we can discuss further how we can help you.

If you would like to book a FREE consultation with Aestheticlinix, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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